I was pleasantly surprised when the librarian at the Alliance Francaise center in Kuala Lumpur contacted me a few months ago. She had gotten a copy of my book Lili at the local Kinokuniya store during the book launch period. She was planning some events for the official opening of the newly-renovated library and invited me to join in their activities.

Artwork from Lili on display at the Alliance Francaise de Kuala Lumpur library

As it is a French language centre, the plan was to hold a bilingual storytelling session, with me reading Lili in English, and their resident storytelling reading it in French. I was intrigued (and I wanted to hear how Lili would have sounded like in French), so I readily agreed.

A scene to warm any authors' heart!

Kinokuniya was also roped in to set up a stand at the venue during the event to sell copies of Lili and The Great Dragon Warrior, and I could sign books after the storytelling event.

So here are the photos of the event on 12 September. Despite the horrible haze, the turnout was really good and everyone who attended had a jolly good time. And I was extremely glad the kids enjoyed the book!

The kids were especially enthusiastic during the Q&A session. My favourite part was when a boy in the audience suggested that I write my next story about a boy with combustion for his nose! (And I'm filing that idea away for the future!)

 A wonderful end to a lovely afternoon

Oh did I mention that the croissants at the cafe at the venue are to die for! Apparently even the French customers agree that it's better than some cafes back in France! (I even went back to buy some to take away).

More photos of the event can be found here.


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