And the story of the boy who works at a monster circus continues... Here's another sequence from the dummy book. Our little boy is quite the unflappable one. Enjoy!

Here's another short edited sequence from the book.

Will our circus boy be eaten alive?


I previously published a work-in-progress picture of these two pieces. And here are they are finished!

Here's a sequence from the circus dummy picture book...

So the past few weeks I've been really busy working on a sequential project, basically coming up with a dummy picture book. This is the first image in the book, as yet untitled, about a little boy who works at a circus. But this is no ordinary circus... more will be revealed in the next few posts... stay tuned!

The year 2012 has been a challenging one, adjusting to a new economic reality (a limited full-time student budget), re-evaluating choices (again), and summoning the courage to change courses and move to Cambridge! I have not regretted the decision, and I am thoroughly enjoying the course. Here's to more brave choices in the new year!
PS: I'm having my cream cheese brownie and eating it too..! :)